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I am guy 25 in age, This age is full of excitement and adventurous, the people of my age always love to explore new things but as we all know if we want to make a regular money we were binds to do same boring work all the time but at least we don't expect the same things in our sex life, the talk is about my girlfriend she is nice or a homiest kind off girl.

Though I love her very much and she also do no doubt but she is too shy when it comes to intimacy, I always have a complaint about this thing but I never protested it because I scared not to lose her, we had our first time intimate with girl after couple of year of our relation you can imagine on what extend she is say every time I asked her for personal pleasure she made excuses, then one day I decided to have intimate with my girlfriend at any cost.

I forced her and convinced her, I arranged all the things and took her from her place when she entered in my car she wearing a suit and then I had an argue why she is wearing that because I told her to wear a short skirt and that's a better service from escorts service in Ahmedabad place but then I ignored just not to kill my mood then we come to my place.

After some short foreplay I unfold her lower but she resists me or said not now but I refused and continued to do, then I fingered her gently and she also enjoyed it but then when I tried to put my dick into her she resisted very hard and refused to do that my anger growing up now, but then also I ignored just thought she being on a safer side she is refusing it then I asked her to give a blowjob to me.

She laughed at me and said she's not at all doing date, my anger comes out I just told her to wear her clothes and then I drives her to her home, then I thought just to broke up with her, but then I thought to give her own medicine to her I called upon a escort service in Ahmedabad after she left then I fulfill all my desire for sex. We both have a great time now my girlfriend craves for a kiss but I refused to do and other hand coz I have my escorts angels to satisfy me at any extend and that's the specialty of high profile escorts who would be happy to complete my need and give me a better life which is not completed by my girl friend.

I explored my life in better way with high profile escorts companion who are providing one of best escort's services in the city and making my life better, after all it's all about fun and which gives us complete satisfaction.